Green Tips

There are quite a number of ways that homeowners can go green, in order to save the environment as well as to improve the health of their loved ones.  These green tips will involve different areas of the home and will include the removal of the toxins in the home and reducing the amount of energy used in the home, thus reducing its cost, and the cost of medicine and treatments.  These processes are simple, and the homeowners can involve all members of the family, including kids in order to teach them the green tips for home and the world.

Going green with Water

  1. Replace the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms with the lower-gallon per minute faucets. Do the same with the faucet aerators and shower heads in the bathroom as green tips to reduce the amount of water used when bathing.
  2. Homeowners should also opt for low-volume flush toilets, which save them up to 40% of water and still provide adequate water for flushing.
  3. Insulate the water tank with the hot water tank insulation wrap to avoid heat loss. They should also reduce the heating temperature to reduce the use of water for cooling it.
  4. All water leaks around the house must be fixed because this is one of the ways that up to 250 gallons of water is lost per month.
  5. Use the dishwasher more efficiently as one of the green tips for home in order to save water


  1. Switch off the lights when they are not needed. One of the green ideas is to open the curtains to let natural light into the home.
  2. When purchasing appliances make sure that it is energy saving. This is indicated by the ‘energy star’ label.  Going green also involves replacing the old appliances with the energy efficient ones.
  3. Switch off the computer at night and other unused electronics as one of the green tips for.
  4. Visit or call the power utility company to sign up for green power
  5. Green living includes the reduction of the temperature of the water heating tanks
  6. Recycle old cell phones, computers and printer as well as other electronic equipment. These items can also be donated to charity instead of throwing them away.

Green Living-Eating and Shopping

  1. Opt for local organic restaurants and shop at the farmer’s market to support the local economy.
  2. Avoiding the use of disposable bags is one of the best eco friendly tips because it reduces landfill. Buy reusable ones or better yet, the homeowners can make their own.
  3. Green living includes avoiding single serve drinks such as plastic water bottles because they are environmental disasters and unnecessary expenses.
  4. Try to combine all the shopping in one, in which all the shopping will be carried out efficiently.

Green Ideas for Automotive

  1. Drive slowly because the speeding comes with a wide number of risks starting from energy consumption, safety risks and loss of money. Leave the house early to get to your destination in time, without increasing your pace.
  2. Green living also involves opt for green cars to save energy and protect the environment.
  3. Car pool or walk or bike to work as one of the green ideas to save cash and gas.
  4. The other green living idea is to ensure that the car is well tuned in order to use less gas as compared to the cars that are poorly-tuned.

Around the House

  1. Insulate the house by replacing the old windows with e-models or use a shrink wrap on them during winter to reduce heat loss.
  2. One of the green ideas is to Ensure that the attic is properly insulated
  3. Make sure all the ducts and holes in the home are sealed.
  4. Use home-made remedies to get rid of household pets.
  5. Go for non toxic products such as detergents, sealers and paints to keep the indoor air fresh and to avoid putting the life of loved ones in danger.
  6. Recycling is also one of the best eco friendly tips.